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Res Ipsa Loquitor

Sed quid in infernos dicet?

Dances with Housecats
7 February
This journal is now officially friends only. You're free to friend me, but if I don't friend you back in a reasonable amount of time, I'm probably never going to friend you.

I find people in general to be fascinating to watch, especially when they are behaving badly. I'm an attorney. The "people behaving badly" fascination fits in nicely with that.

Do not mistake me for a nice person.

This journal contains material that is unsuitable for right-wing Republicans and other people who take themselves too seriously. Open-mindedness and a sense of humor are advised.

Do not mistake me for being a stereotype of my voting record, gender, age, hair length, or profession.

I believe in my right to own guns. I also know that the Bill of Rights is more than the second amendment, and that people who would govern and trash any of those rights probably don't want people like me to own guns. So I refuse to base my vote on that single issue, because I think that voting on just that issue includes voting for people who do not carefully tear the second amendment out of the Constitution before they wipe their asses with the rest of it.

I rescue kittens and cats, and also anything else that is brought to my door. I am interested in animal rights, but I am not and never will be a vegetarian.

This journal could contain senseless raving, in which case I truly don't give a damn if you're bothered by senseless raving. It's my journal, I can rave if I want to.

If you're curious about the nickname, I'm told that while waterlilies are very pretty, they tend to have crocodiles under them. The image appeals to me.